Newly Purchased Equipment

The Helipad at the Whistler Health Care Centre plays a vital role in ensuring emergency transport is available for critically injured or ill patients. The Ministry of Transportation required upgrades to the existing helipad located directly adjacent to the Whistler Medical Clinic in order for it to remain operational. WHCF contributed $160,000 to make up “a shortfall” in the required $608,000 funding provided by Vancouver Coastal Health Authority in order for the work to be complete to allow the helipad to return to fully operational status.

The WHCF supported youth mental health with a donation of $25,000 to support the opening of British Columbia’s first ever dedicated Youth Concurrent Disorders Unit at Lions Gate Hospital’s HOpe Clinic. This facility addresses both mental health and substance misuse in youth – two conditions that often exist together. The HOpe Centre is recognized as the provincial leader in providing the “gold standard” of care to mental health patients. The new Youth Concurrent Disorders unit will address a critical gap in mental health and addictions treatments for youth ages 13-18.

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Bierbock Instrument purchased in 2011/12

This Bierblock instrument is used for treating wrist fractures, of which we see many!

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New Ultrasound instrument purchased in 2011/12

One benefit of acquiring this piece of equipment was being able to pass along the previous Ultrasound to Pemberton Health Centre.

Here's what one emergency doctor said about it:

"I am writing on behalf of the Emergency group physicians at the Whistler Health Care Center. We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation and sincere thanks for the new, state-of-the-art Ultrasonix ultrasound unit which we received in recent months as a result of the efforts of the foundation.

Bedside ultrasound has moved from cutting edge to standard of care in emergency departments across the country. It has its greatest impact in the early diagnosis of blunt trauma in centers that require transfer for definitive care. This diagnosis can be most difficult in athletic populations, which are attributes that define the patient population at the Whistler Health Care Center. There is likely no center in the country which derives as much benefit from our ability to do bedside ultrasound than the Whistler Health Care Clinic. We owe the initial start of our ultrasound program to an earlier donation from the Whistler Health Care Foundation, and this equipment has now been passed onto the Pemberton Heath Care Center to enable them to start a bedside ultrasound program. The foundation has hence been responsible for the start of bedside ultrasound programs at both centers in the Sea to Sky corridor.

The initial indications for bedside ultrasound have recently been expanded, and many of us have broadened the indications for which we use this technology in our everyday practice. Thank you for updating our equipment with this present donation and giving us the opportunity to remain state-of-the-art."