The Whistler Health Care Foundation all volunteer board remains committed and focussed on our overriding Vision and Mission of helping Whistler become a role model for mountain resort health care. To deliver against this goal it requires us to have a Local and Regional Strategy.

Locally:  We continue to focus on and support initiatives that are not currently budgeted for or will not be provided by our universal health care system. These initiatives will ensure our local health care providers have the programs and tools to continue to provide the world class health care we have come to expect in our community. Over the years we have worked closely with our Health Authorities and local providers to help them bring dramatic increases in Orthopaedic services, State of the art emergency equipment, CT scanner and life saving changes to our health care centre heliport.

Regionally: The Board works with Vancouver Coastal Heath, The Regional Hospital District and our friends at the Pemberton and Squamish health care foundations to bring services in the Sea to Sky corridor that effect the region and are essential to Whistler guests and residents. Projects like Squamish Hospital upgraded Cancer Care, New Mental Health services at the Hope Centre in Vancouver and more recently the addition of Squamish Hospice beds are a few examples of how the board views the need to have a regional strategy to complete the complex job of providing Health Care to our Mountain Resort.

Moving Forward: In a community that prides itself on outdoor recreation we believe our citizens and guests deserve the best available Orthopaedic care therefore we will continue to provide support to projects that increase the quality and access to Orthopaedic care in the corridor. In addition like many other communities in Canada we aren't immune to the realities of an aging population base and the dramatic increase of Mental Health issues. We will both look for ways to increase awareness and treatment of Mental Health issues and address some of the specific needs of an aging population.

In conclusion, we are making tremendous progress towards our vision but it would be a miss if we didn't remind the community that it takes funding to make it happen. If our residents and guests want to continue to have access to the exceptional care we have come to expect then we need to lobby and help fund the projects that deliver this elevated care.

Whistler is already a role model for giving, so please continue your support of Health Care in Whistler and the Sea to Sky Corridor. With your support and the dedication of our board we WILL become a Role Model for Mountain Health Care.

Thank you for your Past and Future support

Whistler Health Care Foundation
Board of Directors