Thanks to the strong support of the community and a diverse group of donors, the 1994 Capital Campaign to build the current Whistler Health Care Centre and helipad was more than successful - $250,000 more than the goal of $750,000 was raised. The Whistler Health Care Foundation was established as a not for profit society at the close of this campaign and mandated to manage the surplus funds.

In the six years following the opening of the Centre, the funds were used to provide capital equipment and complete unfinished portions of the Centre to accommodate a new lab and physicians’ consulting rooms.

With a mandate to raise funds and a number of new directors, the foundation’s board began to build on the established donor base, organize fundraising events and access grants to reach annual goals to supplement capital funds provided by various levels of government. The original mandate was confined to the Whistler Health Care Centre (WHCC). Over time that has been revised to include not just the Centre but all of Whistler and also to include facilities in the Sea to Sky Corridor which benefit residents and visitors to Whistler.

The Foundation collaborates with staff at WHCC, with community physicians, with local government and with appropriate representatives of the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, the primary administrative organization for health care in our area.


Major items and projects funded by the Foundation in addition to the original $1,000,000 to construct and outfit the WHCC include the following:

  • $726,473 CT Scanner
  • $160,000 Helipad Upgrade
  • $50,000 Orthopedic operating room at Squamish Hospital
  • $48,755 New Ultrasound
  • $34,591 Spider arm
  • $25,000 HOpe Centre at Lion’s Gate Hospital Contribution to the concurrent disorders unit
  • $18,693 Zimmer Bierblock
  • $20,000 Orthopedic Rehab Pilot Program

In addition to these the Foundation has funded a multitude of smaller items, promoted advocacy and provided training identified as important by various practitioners and the community.